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Alixe always knew she wanted to change the world. Starting in corporate life she discovered that the real change can only be made when the change is made within.

After a PTSD Alixe went on her own healing journey, when reconnecting with her True Self and coming back home (within) she could not, not start to guide other people back to their own Inner Being.

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After having done energetic and shamanic healing trainings and a deep dive into various healing traditions she has also started a more science based psychotherapy education focused on trauma, depression and burnout; Human Givens. In this way she can bridge the scientific mechanisms of the brain with the more intuitive and energetic work. Besides being the bridge between these healing/coaching services she is also the bridge between the business and holistic world.
"I strive for a healthy planet inhabited by people living a fulfilled life. I believe this can be created by becoming aware of our true nature."

She does this by:

Offering workshops and programs for organisations - Nature Does It
Holding ceremonies to share truth, receive healing and experience joy
One-on-one sessions - healing trauma, fear and anxiety and working with what is blocking you from living from the heart
Circles - Women are the ones weaving this new reality. We can point to others but if we don't change from within there will be no change on the outside. We have to be the change you want to see in the world.
Let's be the change together! 


"Alixe leading a circle manifests into love and light blanketing over the circle, making a safe space for sharing and opening up to purity and vulnerability. Each circle ! a true spiritual healing experience awakening the wisdom within each woman to light her inner way to an open heart and purpose." - Akevilla

Alixe van Ogtrop

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