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Transformational Healings and Mentoring, Visionary, Speaker and Artist

Dolores Mae is a transformational coach, healer, motivational speaker and artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is extremely passionate about empowering people and has worked for the past 3,5 years as a holistic practitioner reconnecting people to their true nature; their human potential.

She has worked in the creative industries for many years, for international consultancies like Fronteer, Delight Agency and as a launching partner of the Inner Peace Conference. She knows from firsthand experience how hard it is to balance the demands of our society with staying healthy and in true alignment to who you really are. For more about her, scroll down. 

Dolores Mae Höppener

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10 years ago, I was burning the candle at both ends by suppressing my deeper emotions and being in complete denial about it, and thus not dealing with it. My life was out of balance. I thought I was connected to my body but I found out I was disconnected from my body and entangled in unhealthy patterns. 

All of that came grinding to a halt when my body was throwing a red flag with one disease after the other popping up. No doctor nor any traditional medical institutions could help me. Because of that, I found my way to alternative medicine, which back then I didn't believe in. 

As soon as I showed up to the process of listening to and healing my body and heart, respecting my emotions and nourishing my soul, my entire world started shifting and I haven't looked back! Since then I have had the privilege to work with some of the best teachers and practitioners in the world to reconnect to my true potential and for the past 3,5 years, I have served others to reconnect to theirs. 


I am a lifelong learner and was born with a true longing to understand who we truly are as human beings: Why do we feel the way we do? What are our decisions based on? What influences have our thoughts and memories on our perception of reality? How can we change our behaviour for the better? And how can we find satisfaction and peace? Because, let’s be honest, sometimes we waste so much energy wanting to change or control a situation but we just can't. The first step to healing yourself is becoming aware of what you want to heal and dare to look at the past to be able to change things now. And in my own experience, those are the transitory phases where we need someone to just have our back and guide us.


"We all have the potential to heal ourselves. I truly believe we were all born to live a joyful life. My mission is to help people live in ease, freedom and up to their human potential. So that together we can weave a new reality. Are you in?”


I spend my days helping people and companies to shift from dis-ease to ease and from fear to freedom. By healing sessions, speaking, holding workshops, dancing, letting my creativity out, caring for my child-to-be, reading, making love, writing and swimming - in the sea when I can! :) 


“Dolores Mae's openness, humbleness and lightness touches me deeply every time. She is gifted and skilled and has the ability to both lift me up and put me back on the earth with two feet. She walks the talk, as pure joy cannot be faked!.” 
 — Nora, 31, 1:1 Healing


"The woman's circle was a revelation! I had never experienced it before and did not know what to expect, but I really came in as a different person than walking out the door. The circle flew by. I keep an eye on the schedule because I want more !! I am addicted to the feeling I had after the session." 
 —  Chandra, 32, Women's Circle 


"Every mom-to-be should get this! It's nurturing, connecting and fun. You have an amazing talent for facilitating and creating a pleasant, safe atmosphere where there is room for sharing."
 —  Anne Sarah, 28, Mother Blessing

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